With two female lead vocalists, acoustic and electric guitar, electric and upright bass, saxophone/harmonica and drums, The Harper Conspiracy is small band with a big sound.

Our vibe is positive and funky with an overall message both insightful and fun.

Recent Reviews

“Sometimes you just need good music and that's what I felt they delivered. I also thought the four songs mixed well together. There was just enough change in energy and style without going too far into left field.”

"The Harper Conspiracy have a throwback folk appeal (with a hint of jazziness), a mostly acoustic sound that seems to value organic, unadorned musical values. …a pair of female vocalists supported by musicians who can soar, particularly on the saxophone.”

"Curious Mortal Minds is a testament to the talents of The Harper Conspiracy. …an interesting band with talent; they work well together to make something which is harmonious and nice to listen to. This band is something extraordinary and music which should definitely be heard."

“The band has a way of blending their voices to create a perfect harmony. I find The Harper Conspiracy weird and cool at the same time.”


"Get ready to explore the blast of bustling performance done by the expert musical team of The Harper Conspiracy and treat yourself with a musical journey and unrivaled musical pleasure."

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​​​​​The Harper Conspiracy plays danceable rock with hidden indie influences. Their originals and reinvented covers give the audience a performance filled with pleasant surprises that span musical genres. 

THC  invites you on a musical journey filled with unique harmonies, whimsical lyrics and mischievous instrumental outbursts.