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Harper (vocals/acoustic guitar) started writing music in the early 1990s. Her passion as a singer, songwriter and rhythm guitar player fuels the Conspiracy. You can count on her to give an authentic and energetic performance.

​Shaina Ward Siegel (vocals/bass)has been making music with her family since childhood and it shows in the joy that comes through every note she plays and sings. Her work on both upright and electric bass gives depth to the music of the Conspiracy.​​

Grant Boling (electric guitar)adds tasty and sublime notes to the Conspiracy. He is a multi-instrumentalist, audio engineer and producer. You can also find him writing and recording his original songs.

Phillip Orozco (saxophone/harmonica) has been playing music in Seattle since the mid 80s, He calls upon his experience of jazz, rock, blues and Latin to create a uniquely heartfelt musical soundscape.

Aidan Ward-Richter (drums) is a drumming prodigy. His skills and understanding of music are well beyond his years. His playing is rooted in the family band, The Ward Trio. He and his sister, Shaina, make up a solid and bonded rhythm section.